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“I claimed the crate last night, and after several hours I was able to open the crate and unpack the scoot. You packed it so well, and it arrived in very nice condition. After I figured out how to start the scoot, it fired up with no problems. The engine is really powerful, and the acceleration is very good. The scoot is mechanically sound.  I wish you the best in your business and I'll refer any other clients who need a restored scoot” - Steve 

“I finally received the two scooters last week. Due to an unusual amount of rain for 4 days straight, they remained on the trailer until this weekend. I must say that the packing and crating was excellent and quite time consuming to remove. My neighbor was grateful for the wood crates as he intends to disassemble them and use them for woodworking projects. Several neighbors have remarked about the Vespa already and I have informed them that there two others available now. I have see a couple of other restored scooters and I must say, your work is far and away much better than theirs  It certainly looks wonderful” - Jim 

“I just recently completely getting the scoot from US Customs and the storage facility. I uncrated it  this  past weekend and was very pleasantly impressed with the scooter as well as the care and attention that you'd given in packing it securely and safely. Thank you so much for that.  It appears to be a beautiful machine and I look forward to removing the plastic and further exploring it next weekend” - Dennis

If you want to contact any of the above buyers, for verification, please send me an Email which I will forward to them and they in turn will contact you. This is to protect my buyers from receiving unsolicited mail.


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